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  • Posted 2 months ago

Welcome to OnlineBussiness.com.au! Thank you for checking out our site.

My mission for this site is to help anyone looking to start or grow an online business.

While anyone from around the world could benefit from the website, I decided to create a site about starting an online business from an Australian perspective.

While there are thousands of sites offering tips and advice for starting an online business in the US, and that information can usually be applied by anyone around the world, not everything is going to work or be available to non-US citizens.

Even though this website has an Australian focus, the potential market for an online business could be Australia, Europe or global.

A bit of background

I think I had a fairly typical upbringing in the suburbs of Melbourne, but after graduating from university I wanted to work and travel overseas. If there is one thing that living overseas taught me, it is that you should never rely on a single source of income. So what started for me as a way to learn web development at my job, it opened up a world where I could make money from anywhere in the world, with a laptop and an internet connection.

So while living overseas I got married, had two kids and had a good business in Bali and life was pretty good. The pandemic was not being able to travel, so we decided to move back to Australia.

The biggest shock of moving back to Australia has been the cost of living. It seems like not a day goes by without inflation, interest rates and property rentals getting a mention in the news.

Online business as a solution

Since coming back to Australia, I noticed a few problems and trends that had become a great deal worse than say a generation ago.

  • Housing affordability
  • Uncontrollable inflation
  • Increase in retirement age
  • Population growth fueled by immigration
  • Super and the aged pension not enough for people to have a comfortable retirement

So while there is no doubt that property, education and super are all good investments, my idea is to add online businesses as an option for people to add extra income and build a potential asset for their future.

So whether you are looking for some extra income to pay some bills, take your family on a holiday or even start a new career, take the first step by joining my free newsletter right here.

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